lunedì, marzo 02, 2009

MacIntyre Conference at UCD

Questo e' il programma della conferenza che il mio dipartimento a UCD ha organizzato per celebrare gli 80 anni di Alasdair MacIntyre.
Se qualcuno e' interessato ma non puo' partecipare posso fornigli i testi degli interventi che verranno presentati.

What Happened in and to Moral Philosophy in the Twentieth Century?
Celebrating Alasdair MacIntyre
University College Dublin, 6-8 March 2009

Friday 6 March
Theatre B005, Health Sciences Building
13.00: Registration

14.00 -16.00
Panel on Alasdair MacIntyre
KELVIN KNIGHT (London Metropolitan University): MacIntyre’s revisionary aristotelianism
HANS FINK (Aarhus University): Against the self images of the age. MacIntyre and Løgstrup
DAVID SOLOMON (University of Notre Dame): MacIntyre and the applied ethics revolution
Chair: SEÁN MAC GIOLLARNÁTH (University of Reading)

RICHARD KEARNEY (Boston College/University College Dublin): Forgiveness: possible or impossible? - on Arendt, Derrida, Ricoeur, Jankelevitch
Chair: DERMOT MORAN (University College Dublin)

18.30 – 19.15
RECEPTION, Concourse C, Health Sciences Building
Theatre B005, Health Sciences Building
DR HUGH BRADY, President of University College Dublin: Official welcome
ALASDAIR MACINTYRE: On having survived the academic moral philosophy of the twentieth century
Chair: FRAN O’ROURKE (University College Dublin)

Saturday 7 March
Global Irish Institute

RAYMOND GEUSS (University of Cambridge): Marxism and the ethos of the twentieth century
Chair: GERARD CASEY (University College Dublin)


STEPHEN MULHALL (New College, Oxford): Naturalism, nihilism and perfectionism: Stevenson, Williams and Nietzsche in twentieth century moral philosophy
Chair: MAEVE COOKE (University College Dublin)


Panel on Thomas Aquinas
STEVEN LONG (Ave Maria University, Florida): The perfect storm: on the loss of natural teleology as a normative theonomic principle in twentieth century moral philosophy
JAMES MCEVOY (Queen’s University, Belfast): Parallel projects: Alasdair MacIntyre’s virtue ethics, thomistic moral theology (Servais Pinckaers) and thirteenth-century pastoral theology (Leonard Boyle)
MICHAEL SHERWIN OP (Université de Fribourg): Rediscovering Aquinas’ Augustinianism: an interpretation of some twentieth century Dominican theologians
Chair: MICHAEL DUNNE (National University of Ireland Maynooth)


16.30 – 17.45
ELIJAH MILLGRAM (University of Utah): Relativism, coherence, and the problems of philosophy
Chair: MARIA BAGHRAMIAN (University College Dublin)

19.30: CONFERENCE BANQUET, Kildare Street and University Club, 17 St Stephen’s Green

Sunday 8 March
Global Irish Institute

11.00: Coffee

JONATHAN RÉE: The fetishism of morality
Chair: ISEULT HONOHAN (University College Dublin)

Panel on Alasdair MacIntyre
ADAM CHMIELEWSKI (University of Wrocław): Truthfulness to community. MacIntyre and the dialectics of traditions
ARTHUR MADIGAN (Boston College): Alasdair MacIntyre, thomistic aristotelianism, and revolutionary aristotelianism
OWEN FLANAGAN (Duke University): Alasdair MacIntyre on the un-easy relation(s) between the human sciences and ethics
Chair: JOSEPH DUNNE (St Patrick’s Training College, Dublin)