sabato, agosto 15, 2009

Notable Quote

Notable Quote:

This quote from the great Thomistic philosopher Josef Pieper emphasizes the Catholic defense of reason. Materialist scientists often base their objection to the Church on their misunderstanding that faith is only unreasoned assent to unknowable assertions. While many Protestant and other religious groups do endorse such fideism, the Catholic Church defends the ability, and even necessity, of human reason to come to knowledge of God. Pure unreasoned and blind assent is not, and has never been, a part of Catholic thought.

“If man is prohibited from obtaining by his natural powers some kind of knowledge that God exists, that he is Truth itself, that he actually has spoken to us, and that this divine speech has said and meant thus and so — then belief in revelation is likewise not possible as a meaningful human act. … To put this as sharply as possible: if everything is said to be belief, then belief has been eliminated.”

Josef Pieper

Josef Pieper: An Anthology