venerdì, novembre 08, 2013

Are you a Bellocian?

Are you a Bellocian?: If you are, or if you suspect you may be one, or even if you are thinking of becoming one, think about heading on down to the Central Catholic Library in 74, Merrion Square, Dublin at 1:30 this Saturday. (The same place where my Chesterton Society has had most of its meetings.)

On that day, it is hoped that an Irish Hilaire Belloc Society will be formed. They say: "It is hoped that a president and officers can be elected, and a winter reading programme, based on the writings of Belloc, can be developed."

I am only a Bellocian in a very small way, certainly as compared with my chronic Chestertonianism. But there is a Belloc quotation at the bottom of this blog, so I suppose I am a bit of one, after all. And I will be hauling myself down there, although rather late because I am working on Saturday morning. (I was at the previous get-together, which I suppose was a kind of pre-foundational meeting. It was a lot of fun.)

Go on. Think about it!