giovedì, luglio 14, 2016

Help Save the Central Catholic Library!

Help Save the Central Catholic Library!: There was an interesting story in The Irish Catholic recently about goings-on at the Central Catholic Library in Dublin's Merrion Square. There is a proposal (which has been protested) to transfer some holdings to Dublin City University. This is being considered for financial reasons. And the opening hours of the library have been contracting recently, for lack of staffing (it is mostly staffed on a volunteer basis).

It's a real shame to see the Central Catholic Library suffer so, because it is a gem. It is where we have held all but one of our G.K. Chesterton Society of Ireland meetings. It has a large variety of old Catholic (and not just Catholic books)-- it has new books, too, but the old ones are especially interesting. And there is a reading room on the first floor with a variety of Catholic publications.

It's housed in a beautiful old Georgian house, and the environment itself is very peaceful and conducive to serious thought.

Support the library! Become a member! Become a visitor! Maybe even become a volunteer, if you have the time!

Members will (the article suggests) get to vote on this proposal, too. So if you have strong views on it, consider becoming a member and helping to decide the future of the Library and its holdings. Either way, it will need support to survive.

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