mercoledì, luglio 13, 2016

I am overworked, therefore I link

I am overworked, therefore I link:

Physicist Lee Smolin and philosopher Roberto Unger think that physics has gotten something really important really wrong.  NPR reports.

The relationship between Aristotelian hylemorphism and quantum mechanics is the subject of two among a number of recent papers by philosopher Robert Koons.

Hey, he said he would return.  At Real Clear Defense, Francis Sempa detects a revival of interest in General Douglas MacArthurThe New Criterion reviews Arthur Herman’s new book on MacArthur, while the Wall Street Journal and Weekly Standard discuss Walter Borneman’s new book.

Philosopher of perception Mohan Matthen is interviewed at 3:AM Magazine.

Roger Scruton’s Confessions of a Heretic is excerpted in the Independent and reviewed in the Times, The National, Standpoint, and in the Washington Free Beacon.  (Actually, that’s Sir Roger Scruton now.)

Rumors of the death of teleology have been greatly exaggerated. John Farrell reports, at Forbes.

A little late to the party, but… at Inference, George Scialabba reviews Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos.

Gene Callahan reviews Rodney Stark’s new book on anti-Catholic clichés, at The University Bookman.

The Oxford Philosopher talks to Stephen Boulter.

For director Brian de Palma, it all started with Hitchcock’s Vertigo(which recently overtook Citizen Kane as “best film ever,” or so the critics say).

At The Secular Outpost, Jeffery Jay Lowder criticizes Jerry Coyne’s criticisms of cosmological arguments.

Philosopher Raymond Tallis has a website.

Via YouTube, a lecture by Eleonore Stump on the problem of evil.

Philosopher Dale Tuggy interviews philosopher Timothy Pawl on the subject of Pawl’s new book on Christology (Part 1 and Part 2). 

Inverse asks: Was Philip K. Dick a bad writer?   He was certainly an oddball, as Alternet recounts.  Anyway, the Blade Runner sequel is on track.

One more Scruton item: On Brexit, in print and on video.

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