mercoledì, dicembre 04, 2002

Bella giornata qui a Dublino e anche a Napoli, da quanto mi dice dot.
A proposito di Napule, ecco la seconda puntata della guida. (Non ci facciamo una bella figura)

Advice for the Ladies

If you're looking for your handsome Italian dream man, don't look here. Everyone in this city is funny looking... and short. We don't mean a little short, we're telling you that at 5'4'' you're going to be a freak-of-nature-giant they're so ridiculously short. And they don't waste time being romantic. They think that being a man entitles them one free trip into your pants. Guys will grab your ass, whistle and make a variety of sex noises all while you're trying to shop for shoes at three in the afternoon wearing your nun outfit.

Ways to Avoid Being Harassed by a Neapolitan Man:
1. Be a Neapolitan woman.
2. Have your mother with you.
3. Hold hands with some big dude.

And number three is 50-50. As you'll notice, men just hang out all over the city. The unemployment rate is so high that they genuinely have nothing better to do. If you walk past, there's a good chance they'll follow you for a few blocks, sometimes saying nothing and other times using the five English words they know trying to get sex. As a warning, sometimes men get the English word for sex mixed up and call it 'coffee.' Don't be fooled into thinking sitting for a cup of coffee might be fun. Coffee means sex.

You do not want to have sex with a man from Naples. If you are thinking of giving in to the waiter who drugged your wine at dinner and followed you back to your hotel room, remember that Naples was the birthplace of syphilis. The first case was reported in 1495 and there have been more than a handful of cases since. Don't do it.