mercoledì, dicembre 04, 2002

Due ragazze americane si son fatte un giro in Europa e hanno scritto una piccola guida. Quanto scrivono di Napoli e dei maschi napoletani è piuttosto offensivo.

Cominciamo con una descrizione della città. (domani la seconda puntata)

Italy: Naples
If you've heard the phrase, "the armpit of Europe," you were probably listening to a story about Naples. The streets are caked with litter and the stench of burning trash permeates the air. People are assholes, you can't trust anyone and the driving is worse than any story we could tell. But strangely enough, Naples is one of our favorite cities in Europe.

We love it for the lunatics. People there are so whacked out that if you did nothing but wander the streets and watch them, you'd be entertained for days. It's also known for sites like Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, etc. But once you arrive at the central train station, you'll realize none of the great sites of Naples are even in Naples. Everything is a city away and with the flaky public transportation, you'll probably never get there... so you may as well just wander and watch the weirdos.