venerdì, febbraio 14, 2020

One by one

Petal by petal your worries will settle - what will be and what won't?
Pressing your hands on the stinging nettle, hoping for cure, but it don't
I think I see how it got you to where you are now - a muddled up afterglow
Where you silently wander, while hoping it won't crawl back on you as you go

(They say that / now sing it)
One by one you gotta sow in ashes, grow and behold
Storm and sun are taking care so one day the blossom unfolds

Nobody placed you in the crossroad to pick out the bad or worse
Now going for worse than what you expected - that can't be how it goes!
But all of these people, they told you so! So how could it possibly be?
That loosening the knot and going your own way will definitely set you free

It unfolds, covering your way, it unfolds, covering your way

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