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Elenco di articoli pubblicati sul blog dell'Iona Institute

Questo è l'elenco di tutti gli articoli che ho scritto per l'Iona Institute dal 2017. Si tratta di 141 pezzi, di argomento diverso. Quasi tutti sono stati ripubblicati su questo blog, a volte in versione leggermente più lunga.





2nd January 2020

'Minister Harris attacks a Catholic parish for being Catholic'


18th January 2020

'An abortion per day at the Rotunda is already a horrible figure'


22nd January 2020

'Time for Irish pharmacists to be given proper conscience rights'




7th February 2020

'Another move to expand the grounds for abortion'


17th February 2020

'Pro-life vote made its presence felt in General Election 2020'


24th February 2020

'Citizens’ Assembly moves to strip marriage of special status'


26th February 2020

'Quantifying the enormous good the Church does worldwide'



3rd March 2020

'The parties with the most secularist voters'


6th March 2020

'In two countries with liberal regimes, abortion rates have increased'


10th March 2020

'An astonishing UN attack on religious freedom'


31st March 2020

'Current crisis has been exploited to make our abortion law even more permissive'




4th April 2020

'Northern Ireland horrendous new abortion regime gets underway'


7th April 2020

'Remembering the heroic priests and nuns who have died in this crisis'


14th April 2020

'Ethical questions in a pandemic'


23rd April 2020

'The ethics of a lockdown'


24th April 2020

'A new poll shows how Irish religious practice is adapting to the lockdown'


28th April 2020

'Who should get priority treatment in a pandemic?'




6th May 2020

'New law takes an axe to the natural ties'


11th May 2020

'Religious practice reduces ‘deaths from despair’'


15th May 2020

'How religious sisters are the real founders of modern nursing'


19th May 2020

'Ireland will be one of the last countries in Europe to restore public worship'


21st May 2020

'French and German judges rule against Covid-bans on public worship'


25th May 2020

'Should those in charge get priority treatment in a pandemic?'


29th May 2020

'Getting the facts right about reversing effects of abortion pills'



4th June 2020

'Safety above all things is not a Christian virtue'


9th June 2020

'More light thrown on religious practice in a lockdown'


12th June 2020

'Number of babies with Down Syndrome being aborted goes up'


16th June 2020

'Programme for Government will ban pro-life vigils outside hospitals'


23rd June 2020

'Marriage in Ireland continues its decline'


30th June 2020

'6666 abortions performed in Ireland last year'





3rd July 2020

'For pro-choice campaigners, ignorance about abortion is bliss'


10th July 2020

'The failure to protect our nursing homes'



15th July 2020

'Two wins for religious freedom at US Supreme Court'






9th January 2019

'Laws banning protests outside abortion facilities are extremely rare'


26th January 2019

'UCD conference gives us a foretaste of the coming push for a ‘right-to-die’'


31st January 2019

'New report on RSE only pretends to be ‘objective’'



12th February 2019

'Vast majority of couples who carry a terminally ill baby to term do not regret it'


22nd February 2019

'Little evidence that sex education programmes actually work



11th March 2019

'No strong evidence that free contraception will reduce abortion rate'


26th March 2019

'Our politicians’ blind spot about the natural ties and children'





30th April 2019

'In England the abortion situation becomes worse'


18th April 2019

'Ireland must have a debate about gene-editing'




9th May 2019

'Persecution of Christians in some countries ‘approaching genocide’, but we remain indifferent'


15th May 2019

'Children suffer when parents in low-conflict marriages divorce'


21st  May 2019

'The risk factors leading to marital breakdown'


31st May 2019

'UN report warns against all forms of surrogacy'





16th June 2019

'Death of Dutch teenager was euthanasia by another name'


19th  June 2019

'Most atheists still believe the universe has ultimate meaning'


24th  June 2019

'Unborn child counted for nothing in judge’s decision to order an abortion'





2nd  July 2019

'Funding of Church schools is commonplace across Europe'


15th July 2019

'Mix-up reveals the terrible dilemma at the heart of IVF'


23rd July 2019

'The moral contradictions of altruistic egg donation and surrogacy'


30th July 2019

'Citizens’ Assembly could pave the way for assisted suicide'



9th of August 2019

'The abortion movement and its root in eugenics'


30th of August 2019

'Another terrible assisted suicide case'




10th of September 2019

'Medical Council’s Ethics Guide now less ethical'


25th of September 2019

'An important voice in favour of fathers speaks out'


30th of September 2019

'Another atheist fails to justify objective morality'



11th of October 2019

'UCD’s big failure to honour its founder'


18th of October 2019

'Does Leo Varadkar toast his conscience first, or the State?'



7th of November 2019

'Mary McAleese’s deeply flawed view of baptism and child autonomy'


8th of November 2019

'Do Mary McAleese and We Are Church believe John Paul II condoned rape?'


13th of November 2019

'Ireland joins the campaign to legalise abortion worldwide'


26th of November 2019

'The HSE-backed researcher who wants ‘ethical’ porn taught in schools'



7th of December 2019

'Dr Peter Boylan needs to correct his book on the abortion debate'


12th of December 2019

'Dominion: how Christianity has shaped even its critics for the better'


19th of December 2019

'The inaccurate accurate tests for foetal abnormalities'






18th January 2018

'The use of abortion pills by Irish women'


24th January 2018

'Down Syndrome and abortion; the facts'




7th February 2018

'A conscience provision must fully protect pro-life doctors'


23rd February 2018

'Proposal for a GP-led abortion ‘service’ is impractical as well as unjust'


28th February 2018

'Why our abortion law would be more permissive than the British law'




9th March 2018

'No Catholic with a well-informed conscience could vote for abortion'


14th March 2018

'The goal of medicine: heal, never harm'


28th March 2018

'It is false to say restrictive laws lead to more abortions'




18th April 2018

'The ultra-liberal abortion regime favoured by leading members of Together for Yes'




7th May 2018

'Together for Yes appears to support abortion for non-fatal abnormalities'


17th May 2018

'Disability-based abortions will take place within the 12 week limit'





5th June 2018

'Proposed AHR scheme allows gamete donation from close family members'


8th June 2018

'Abortion rates increase in the UK, particularly in Northern Ireland'


13th  June 2018

'Marriage breakdown in Ireland: higher than we think'


15th  June 2018

'Morally wrong to force GPs to refer for abortion'




11th July 2018

'Marriage in Ireland compared with other EU countries'


17th July 2018

'Latest version of planned abortion law even worse than the first one'


24th July 2018

'What really reduces teenage pregnancy; social media'


27th July 2018

'The State must respect the conscience rights of pro-life hospitals'



10th of August 2018

'Discovering and teaching what makes a marriage work'


21st of August 2018

'The growing shortage of marriageable men'




4th of September 2018

'Leo Varadkar must not use science to hide his pro-choice ideology'


7th of September 2018

'Influential academics set out their ultra-permissive pro-choice vision'


12th of September 2018

'‘Mother’, ‘father’ to be replaced by ‘parent 1’, ‘parent 2’'


18th of September 2018

'Marriage is the best friend of the unborn child'


28th of September 2018

'Minister Harris, if we voted for your abortion law, why did you change it?'




3rd of October 2018

'World Medical Association should defend its policy against euthanasia and assisted suicide'


5th of October 2018

'Conscientious objection is again under attack'


10th of October 2018

'Christian bakery wins vital freedom of conscience battle'


13th of October 2018

'How ‘patriarchal’ Christianity appeals more to women than to men'


19th of October 2018

'How to properly protect conscience rights'




1st of November 2018

'The evidence mounts; there are REAL differences between the sexes'


9th of November 2018

'A shameful refusal to legislate for the respectful disposal of aborted babies'


22nd of November 2018

'Further evidence the Government overestimate day-care demand'


29th of November 2018

'Religious persecution continues to rise in the world'




6th of December 2018

'The Christian contribution to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights'


14th of December 2018

'Why the State should tax married couples less'


21st of December 2018

'Refusing to engage with the ethical harms of surrogacy and donor-conception'







31st January 2017

'Time to call maternity hospitals ‘pregnant people’ hospitals?'




8th February 2017

'Two rival concepts of autonomy on display at Citizens’ Assembly'


15th February 2017

'Big majority of submissions to Citizens’ Assembly support the right to life'


23rd February 2017

'Removing the pro-life amendment will lead to widespread eugenics'





3rd March 2017

'Guttmacher Institute is dead wrong; married women have far fewer abortions'


4th March 2017

'Ireland has a very low abortion rate by European standards'


14th March 2017

'Enemies of the State: Religious Freedom and the New Repression'


21st March 2017

'A bad day for religious freedom at the European Court of Justice'


31st March 2017

'Commissioner’s opinion on Irish abortion law has no real legal weight'





19th April 2017

'Like the Church, the United Nations is beset by scandals and cover-ups'


21st  April 2017

'Ireland’s abortion rate is very low by European standards'




4th May 2017

'Fintan O’Toole mocks ethos, but he has one too'


18th May 2017

'Atheist Ireland’s secular State would reduce freedom of religion to freedom of worship'


29th May 2017

'Post-the-nuns, will a pro-life or pro-choice ethic govern the St Vincent’s hospitals?'


30th May 2017

'Anti-conscientious objection article in Irish Times very misleading'



16th June 2017

'Breaking down the latest abortion figures from England and Wales'



20th June 2017

'Official figures badly underestimate number of Down Syndrome abortions'



27th  June 2017

'Monogamy is under attack on different fronts'





5th July 2017

'Exclusivity no longer an essential element of marriage, Supreme Court decides'


14th July 2017

'The Citizens’ Assembly disregards contributions from ordinary citizens'


16th July 2017

'The Citizens’ Assembly report ignores conscientious objection'




3rd of August 2017

'Protecting the rights of donor-conceived children'


10th of August 2017

'Does pro-choice animus towards Catholicism have a limit?'


22nd of August 2017

'The ethics of showing pictures of aborted foetuses in public'


24th of August 2017

'Leo Varadkar should have challenged Justin Trudeau about Canada’s barbaric abortion law'





6th of September 2017

'How ‘safeguards’ aimed at limiting assisted suicide are collapsing'


22nd of September 2017

'Irish Government happy to promote gay rights abroad but not religious freedom'


26th of September 2017

'Katherine Zappone’s madly contradictory views on Church and State'




6th of October 2017

'Professor Binchy defends equal worth of every human being before Oireachtas Committee on abortion'


18th of October 2017

'Masters of two main maternity hospitals want law to permit abortion of disabled babies'


26th of October 2017

'Peter Boylan is wrong about abortion rates going down when law liberalised'




9th of November 2017

'Shielding students from uncomfortable opinions does them no favours'


15th of November 2017

'Minister Harris should heed scandals engulfing abortion clinics overseas'


23rd of November 2017

'Assisted suicide comes before the Oireachtas Justice Committee'


30th of November 2017

'Making contraception cheaper does not reduce a country’s abortion rate'




15th of December 2017

'Oireachtas Committee already considering next attack on right to life'


6th of December 2017

'In Denmark 97pc of babies found to have Down Syndrome were aborted last year'




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