martedì, dicembre 01, 2020


 Questi sono gli articoli che ho scritto per il blog dell'Iona Institute negli ultimi tre mesi.

‘Assisted suicide is incompatible with human dignity’


‘Why leading doctors oppose assisted suicide’


‘Assisted Suicide Bill introduced in the Dail today is fatally flawed’


‘New Vatican document sets out clearly the case against assisted suicide’


‘Once euthanasia is introduced, the grounds always expand’


‘What do euthanasia campaigners mean by unbearable suffering?’


‘Court ruling against eugenics met by violent pro-choice protest’

‘How science was used to victimise unmarried mothers’


‘Ban on public worship challenged in court’


‘More evidence that there are natural differences between men and women’


‘Pressure already on to expand grounds for abortion’


‘Who is availing of abortion in Ireland?’


‘Some of the champions of eugenics we still lionise today’


NPHET could learn a bit about religious freedom from the US and France.

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