domenica, luglio 21, 2019

Philosophy and/of Culinary Traditions

Molto interessante questa conferenza.

Conference announcement: “Philosophy and/of Culinary Traditions”, University of Fribourg (CH), 18-19 September 2019


Matthew Adams (Stanford): “Traditional Foods and Local Landscapes"
Andrea Borghini (Milan): "Gastro-Norms and the Extended Synthesis"
Emily Brady (Texas A&M): “Agriculture and Aesthetics: The Pastoral, the Wild, and the Good”
Marilena Budroni (Sassari): "Biological Aging Wines: From Paradox to Paradigm of Local Productions”
Allen Grieco (Harvard): The Social politics of food in late medieval/Renaissance Italy”
Barry Smith (London): “Decoding The Marks of Culinary Tradition”
Cain Todd (Lancaster): “Tradition and Style in Wine Making”
Merry White (Boston University): "Ekiben and Meibutsu: the branding of culinary tradition in Japan"

Organised as part of Culinary Mind, research center for the philosophy of food (

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